DNSSEC and SMTP DANE TLS adoption survey (updated daily, by ~21:00 UTC) DANE resources Query Submit Loading... Analysis results for: {{queried}} No Data No survey data is available for the {{queried}} domain. Be sure to ask about delegated domains, not their MX hosts!

Typically, this occurs when the zone is unsigned, or is not directly under a registration point on the Public Suffix List. The survey only covers DNSSEC-signed direct subdomains of PSL suffixes.

Temporary error Error loading survey data for the {{queried}} domain.

This indicates a temporary communication problem with the backend database.

Issues found with the {{queried}} domain: Go to {{alertx.refbut}} data No issues found with the {{queried}} domain! DNS records for {{$data.alabel}} {{tab.title}} Non-email domain. Non-email domain. No TLSA records were found Non-email domain. No TLS certificates were retrieved from any of the MX hosts.

You can also check {{queried}} on DNSVIZ or dane.sys4.de